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How your tax $$$ subsidize Walmart & McDonald’s

One more reason fast-food and other low-wage businesses are happy with the status quo on minimum wage: Your tax dollars help subsidize their chintzy wages, which often leave their workers on public assistance.

As detailed in a University of California study and reported in The New York Times, around half of all home health care workers, child care workers, and fast-food workers are receiving some form of public assistance, typically food stamps or Medicaid.

“As a result,” writes reporter Patricia Cohen, “taxpayers are providing not only support to the poor but also, in effect, a huge subsidy for employers of low-wage workers, from giants like McDonald’s and Walmart to mom-and-pop businesses.”

You also can read a summary of the study here.

Next year, Cohen reports, California is going to start publishing the names of employers with more than 100 employees on Medicaid, and will also publicize how much the businesses are costing the state in public assistance.

Public shaming: Coming soon, to a major corporation near you!


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