SCOTUS makes tax prep easier for (some) gay Americans

The Supreme Court just made tax preparation easier for many Americans.

Because the Supreme Court ruled that there is a Constitutional right to same-sex marriage, gay couples who get married will be able to file joint returns for both federal and state purposes.

This eliminates the tax dance that married gay couples previously had to engage in in states such as Louisiana and Georgia, where married gay couples could file joint returns at the federal level but had to file separate single returns at the state level. Now, from Alabama to Wyoming, married gay couples will be subject to the same tax rules, get the same benefits, and go through the same calculations and questions (Hello, Marriage Penalty!) as married straight couples. And that’s called equality.

Hastert and FIFA cases prove the oldest rule in the book: Follow the money!

What does Dennis Hastert’s indictment on apparently Very Very Bad Horrible Terrible Behavior (kudos to Kaili Joy Gray of Wonkette) and the FIFA bribery and kickback scandal (New York Times version here) have in common? They both in part involve people charged with trying to hide or disguise transfers of money—something that is of tremendous…Continue Reading