Who is Joe the Tax Guy?

Joseph Anthony is an Enrolled Agent and Licensed Tax Consultant in practice in Portland, Oregon, since 1996.  Specializing in tax planning for self-employed individuals and small businesses, Joe is a trusted source for journalists reporting on tax matters. He works with clients in more than a dozen states as well as people living outside the U.S.

Joe was a freelance journalist.
Before Joe became a tax pro, he spent almost two decades as a full-time freelance journalist specializing in writing about personal finance and business for publications such as The New York Times, Smart Money, and MSN.com’s small business website. (See some of Joe’s articles here.)

Joe speaks to multitudes.
Since 2005, Joe has traveled around the United States speaking to several thousand tax professionals annually about the latest issues and changes in the tax code affecting taxpayers as a speaker for GearUp. (A division of Thomson Reuters, GearUp is the largest provider of continuing education for tax professionals in the U.S.)  He also tailors presentations for professional organizations and conferences on the interplay between tax policy, social policy and politics. He loves to find the most entertaining and outrageous examples of taxpayer and government behavior.

Joe is a fellow.
Joe is a Fellow of the National Association of Enrolled Agents’ National Tax Practitioners Institute (NTPI.) That means he has completed a program focusing on the most effective ways of representing taxpayers in audits and other dealings with the IRS.

Joes Cat 150 Who is Joe the Tax Guy?

Joe's Cat

Joe spoils his cat.
In his spare time he practices Iyengar yoga, spoils his cat and loves to travel. And, yes, he does have a thing about the Red Sox. He grew up in New England and comes by it honestly.