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Socialism in action: America’s military

Nicholas Kristof doesn’t write only about do-gooder groups valiantly addressing third-world social horrors–although he does do plenty of that, and with an effectiveness that often makes you want to whip out your checkbook. Sometimes he addresses inequities at home, as in this column in today’s New York Times, where he suggests that people looking for a culture that provides opportunity for professional advancement, strong social safety net, and economic fairness as an alternative to our ruthless boom-and-bust, benefits-cutting, wage-reducing system, look to….the military.

Think about it: The military has universal health care, for life. A child care system that many people struggling to find reliable, affordable day care would love access to. A pay system that is far flatter than anything your typical American corporate executive would find acceptable. An old-fashioned guaranteed pension plan.

The military model: American socialism at its finest.