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Google employees may be worth more dead than alive

I had to post this just so I could write the headline.

Here’s the deal: Google provides life insurance for their employees. But not just the typical $50,000 policy you may have seen at your job, or a death benefit of one year’s pay. Nope. Google’s policy provides the surviving spouse or domestic partner of an employee with a check for 50% of the employee’s salary…every year for ten years.

For a Google employee earning $100,000 annually (not unusual in high-tech Silicon Valley), that translates to a life insurance benefit of a half-million dollars.

This jaw-dropping tidbit was originally written up by Meghan Casserly at Forbes .

No lame jokes today about a company giving you an incentive to work yourself to death. I’ve been happily self-employed virtually my entire career, and this is one of those, “The company gives you what?” moments that makes even people like myself do a quick double-take. Good for Google.