Republican fantasy tax plans all “puppies and rainbows”

Let me paraphrase Josh Barro of The New York Times in summing up the tax talk you’re hearing in the Republican Presidential Debates: It’s all puppies and rainbows. As Barro points out here, Marco Rubio would eliminate all taxes on capital gains, which of course would benefit those in the U.S. who have accumulated the most…Continue Reading

ObamaCare tax prep requirements are catching subsidy recipients unaware

The Affordable Care Act made preparing and filing tax returns even more complicated last year (I know, you’d think that wasn’t possible) because of the gymnastics involved in running health insurance subsidies and credits through the tax code. Now we’re learning that thousands of people might lose their health insurance subsidies because they didn’t file…Continue Reading

If you think the U.S. tax code is a mess, look at Brazil . . .

When talking about the U.S. Tax Code and overall complexity, I can sound like a sports superfan. That’s right: “We’re Number One! We’re Number One!” Turns out we have nothing on Brazil. As this New York Times article explains , a Brazilian lawyer, Vinicios Leoncio, has spent years documenting the complexity of that nation’s tax…Continue Reading