Get a receipt when you make a donation! Really!

It warmed my heart to see the article in The Oregonian during the holiday season about someone who had dropped a South African krugerrand worth almost two thousand bucks into a Salvation Army kettle

Turns out this is a little bit of a nationwide phenomenon, as The Huffington Post noted.
But here’s where the warped mind of the tax pro goes with this: The gift is wonderful. But these people making anonymous contributions are missing out on the chance to take a charitable deduction for their generosity!

Where the IRS is concerned, it’s not enough to have a heart (or coin) of gold. You have to have a bank record, receipt, or other proof for any cash contributions you make to charity, and a receipt from the charity (on which you write what you gave and what it was worth) for any non-cash contributions.

Nothing wrong with being anonymous. But c’mon, let’s get those deductions too!